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Sparkle Pool and Spa Service

We are your total swimming pool cleaning, chemical, service, maintenance, and repair company. We offer monthly swimming pool cleaning and chemical service as well as scheduled maintenance.

We carry most OEM parts on our trucks for timely repair or replacement of your swimming pool equipment. If your problem is your pools’ pump, motor, heater, timer, filter, cleaner, etc., we can get it fixed fast.

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You can trust us to provide everything you need to keep your pool and spa in top shape. For over 55 years folks have been depending on us to fulfill all their pool and spa needs. Our techs undergo constant training to stay current with new equipment and concepts.

Commercial Pool Service

From weekly to two or three trips per week service, which includes brushing or vacuuming of walls and tile; emptying of strainers; routine maintenance of filter as needed; checking and adjusting chemicals; filling of automatic chlorinators. Chlorine, acid and diatomaceous earth are included in the service price for most pools.

Residential Pool Service

From twice weekly, weekly, and bi-monthly pool and spa service, which includes testing the water, sanitizer (chlorine or salt), pH adjusters, pool cleaning (brushing, vacuuming, cleaning tile and baskets)

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